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DTG offers a full range of services that can accommodate any major meet. DTG has the expertise to work with both FinishLynx and Omega timing equipment. DTG has exclusively invested in FinishLynx due to its reliability and modular functionality. We provide the following services:

  • Total Meet Management - DTG prides itself on managing every aspect of your meet, so you can sit back and relax. This includes: seeding, providing heat/flight sheets, timing and immediate posting of results to scoreboards, web, print and/or television.
  • Portable field event/finishline LED Display Boards - In case you do not have your own scoreboard we can customize our multiple boards for your meet. We were the company that brought this technology to the US Track & Field circuit. Our boards can also be used to display sponsors, school logos and anything else you can imagine.
  • Timing Services - 2 independent FinishLynx timing systems plus running time display for your event. Support for multiple finishlines (up to 4). EXPERIENCED personnel to perform Hy-Tek “Meet Manager” duties. In addition, DTG now offers the IPICO chip system for cross country and road race timing.
  • Interface to Network/Broadcast Television - Provide running time and results via “broadcast ready” equipment for network television presentation.
  • Consulting Services - Just in case you already have your own equipment and need our expertise.
  • FieldLynx - Record your field events on a PDA rather than a piece of paper. These PDA’s can also display real-time results to our portable scoreboards.
  • PDA Results - We were the company aggressively developing and utilizing PDA’s to generate results to fans in the stands.
  • Online Data Entry - To streamline and automate the data entry process utilizing the web.
  • Scoreboard Connectivity - Connect to virtually any board existing in the US including video.
  • Instant Results Generated to Your Website - This keeps the fan at home right in the action.