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Venue Consulting

Delta Timing Group has participated in the design efforts of several major projects in the United States. They include:

  1. Mike A. Myers Stadium - University of Texas
  2. Multi-Sport Facility - Penn State University
  3. Percy Beard Track - University of Florida
  4. Jesse Owens Stadium - The Ohio State University

DTG specializes in the functional, electrical and networking/computer design of new timing systems for installation at client facilities. DTG’s founder, John Ferguson, has a degree in Electrical Engineering while other team members are equipped with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology.

IT and Timing Network Consulting

Are you thinking of purchasing a new timing system? Delta Timing can provide end-to-end design services to make sure that your timing and computer network has the latest equipment and provides you with the utmost in performance and reliability.

Meet Oversight

If you have an in-house timing crew, Delta Timing can provide personnel to oversee the crew and also provide support for complex critical issues. By having a member of Delta Timing at your meet, you can be assured that problems which arise can be dealt with quickly and efficiently while saving you money by not completely out-sourcing your timing needs.


Does your institution, group or club already have it's own FinishLynx or Hy-Tek system? Delta Timing personnel are available to travel to your site and provide both classroom and hands-on training for all aspects of your timing system.